Sleep Hygiene PLR Special Package Review And Bonus

Sleep Hygiene PLR Special Package Review And Bonus

Product Name: Sleep Hygiene PLR Special

Author: Jennifer Andersen

The Sleep Hygiene PLR Special Package Review and Choose Your Bonus

What is the Sleep Hygiene PLR Special Package?

Sleep Hygiene is an Evergreen Topic That Appeals to Everyone

According to the CDC, quality sleep and the number of sleeping hours is dropping dramatically among adults.

The American Sleep Association found that 50-70 million adults in the U.S. alone struggle with insomnia or other sleep disorders.

Why has it gotten so bad?

Because daytime and nighttime habits have changed. This prewritten content package explores the problems behind poor sleeping habits, and developing new daily routines to encourage better quality sleep.

What is Sleep Hygiene?

This brand new PLR package gives you high-quality content, graphics, and printables that explores sleep hygiene and how people can improve their sleep by changing their habits.

Okay, but what is sleep hygiene? Sleep hygiene is the term used for describing daytime and nighttime habits related to your sleep. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Taking naps during the day
  • Having a bedroom that is calming and relaxing
  • Whether or not you use devices in bed
  • What you choose to eat or drink before bed
  • Having a nighttime routine

With the Sleep Hygiene PLR package, you get an eBook, report, articles, printables, and more bonuses on all this emerging niche.

Why Should You Get The Sleep Hygiene PLR Special Package?

Get These Amazing Benefits

Become an Authority on the Topic

Become an authority on a topic that is evergreen and universal – appealing to everyone!

Tap Into a Rapidly Growing Market

Appeal to the widespread audience looking for content on sleep habits. Sleep hygiene has over 100,000 searches monthly.

Quality, Done-for-You Content

Get brand new, done-for-you content on sleep hygiene that is ready for you to start using right away.

What Exactly is Included in the Sleep Hygiene PLR Special Package?

  • ‘Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep’ – 32 pages, 7,468 words
  • eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • Custom-Made Printables for Sleep
  • ‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ – 9 pages, 2,396 words
  • Report eCover Graphics – JPG & PSD files
  • 10 Articles – 500+ Words, Text & Word Format
  • Social Media Graphics & Posts
  • Resources Page
  • Royalty-Free Images

Who should get the Sleep Hygiene PLR Package?

  • Internet Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Product Sellers
  • Content Marketers
  • Marketers looking to build their email lists.

Sleep Hygiene PLR Package Details

‘Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep’ eBook

This brand new, 32-page eBook, Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep, introduces your readers to what sleep hygiene is and how important sleep habits are.

With this eBook, you get an in-depth beginner’s guide all about sleep hygiene, and how the daily habits and nighttime routines people have can dictate the quality of sleep they will get.

There are 7,468 words of content, including a disclaimer, introduction, and table of contents. These 4 chapters are included:

Chapter 1 – Understanding Sleep Hygiene
Chapter 2 – The Effects of Sleep Hygiene
Chapter 3 – Setting Up a Room Sanctuary
Chapter 4 – Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

What Do You Get?

  • High-Quality eBook Written by a Professional Writer
  • Fully-Formatted with Chapter Images, Table of Contents, and Disclaimer
  • Content That is Brand New and 100% Unique
  • Casual & Conversational Tone That is Easy to Customize for Your Needs!
  • Word and Text Documents Included

eBook eCover Graphics

You will also get professionally-designed eCover graphics to go with the eBook. The flat version and both 3D versions of the cover come with PSD files, making them easy to edit. 

The following versions of the cover are available:

Custom Sleep Tracker Printable

Give your readers what they are really looking for – printables! With these printables, you can edit them in PowerPoint, then save as PDF files, and provide them as a bonus or an opt-in incentive for signing up for your list. 

There are 5 main types of sleep tracker and sleep log printables, including the following:

1. Sleep Quality Tracker (Weekly)
2. Weekly Sleep Log
3. Sleep Quality Tracker (Monthly)
4. Bedtime Routine Planner
5. Weekly Sleep Notes

Then there are multiple variations of each, including different colors, styles, images, and backgrounds used.

‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ Report

Need more sleep content? The ‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ report is perfect to be used as an opt-in for your blog.  This new lead magnet covers a very popular topic about sleep – what successful people do differently to get adequate sleep, which allows them to become more successful.

Sleep Habits of Successful People – Report Topics

9 pages, 2,396 words

1. Insomnia is Holding You Back
2. They Stick to a Strict Sleep Schedule
3. How Successful People Get Better Sleep
4. The Dangers of Neglecting Your Sleep
5. Bad Sleep Habits to Avoid
6. More Good Habits

Report eCover Graphics

The ‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ prewritten report also comes with an editable cover, including two 3D versions. 

10 Sleep Hygiene & Sleep Habit Articles

Add more relevant content to your blog to increase your authority on this topic with the following articles. The article topics are all on various sleep habit and sleep-related issues, from signs of insomnia to using sleep aids.

Article Topics Include:

  • 1. How to Improve Your Sleep with a Shift Work Schedule (505 words)
  • 2. Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep (526 words)
  • 3. How to Help Children Get Better Sleep (678 words)
  • 4. Sleep Changes When You Are Pregnant (508 words)
  • 5. Do You Have a Problem with Oversleeping? (535 words)
  • 6. How Eating Disorders Affect Your Sleep (506 words)
  • 7. Menopause and Sleep Changes (565 words)
  • 8. Sleeping Aids: Natural VS Over-the-Counter Remedies (548 words)
  • 9. Understanding the Different Stages of Sleep (637 words)
  • 10. What Could Be Hurting Your Sleep? (624 words)

Social Media Graphics & Posts

Promote your blog posts on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest with these editable social media graphics. They each come in JPG and PSD format, allowing you to edit them easily with your own unique blog post titles.

* There is also a social media post written for each article/blog post title. 

Bonuses: Images & Resources Page

As an added bonus, feel free to use these 20 royalty-free images for your content. They work great in the eBook or report, for your blog posts, or to create your own graphics. All of these images come with full commercial rights.

Wondering how you can promote the sleep content? This Resources Page provides a list of social media groups, boards, and accounts to join the sleep habits and insomnia community, as well as a list of Amazon products to promote.


You will get instant access to:

  • eBook – ‘Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help You Sleep’ – 32 pages, 7,468 words
  • eCover Graphics – in JPG and PSD files
  • Custom, Editable Sleep Tracker Printables
  • Report – ‘Sleep Habits of Successful People’ – 9 pages, 2,396 words
  • Report Graphics – in JPG and PSD files
  • Articles – 10 articles about Sleep Habits – 500+ words each
  • Social Media – 10 social media graphics and posts for promoting the articles
  • Resources Page – List of Resources for promoting sleep products
  • Bonus – 20 Royalty-Free Images

License Pack

PLR Rights

1. Don’t put my name on it.
2. Don’t give away, trade, or sell the rights of this PLR to anyone.

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