If you’re a SEO or IM software developer or simply create your own IM products and looking to have them reviewed from a honest user perspective, give me a shout via email and we can discuss details. If you’re an experienced marketer, you must know how important and far an honest review of any product goes. Luckily for you, immozie.com offers detailed Internet Marketing Product Reviews to help users make informed buying decisions when looking to purchase SEO or IM products, services or software online.

Please note I only take on requests if you are willing to provide me a review or discounted copy of your software. I then write a high quality review about your IM product and how it helped me, with positives and negatives with a overall “Author Rating”. Once your review goes live any users that read your review or also uses your products can also leave a “User Review”.

Internet Marketing Product Reviews

What do you need to qualify for a IMMozie Review?

  1. An affiliate program – JVZoo, Clickbank & Warriorplus are preferred. But we are willing to review your program too.
  2. Be willing to offer me a free review copy of your software – I do not like to just post random junk info about IM products, I prefer to really give your product, service or software a try and write an honest review about it. I want my readers to really get insight of what makes your product great and what they should expect.
  3. Be able to give me some resources – Swipe emails, banners and any other useful stuff that can help me advertise your IM products.

Not Compulsory but highly appreciated:

Be willing to give me a small discount of your affiliate product so that I can marketing it easier and hopefully make more sales.Discounts & coupons really do help. As a buyer, I also search for coupons and discounts before I purchase any internet marketing product, and if I do it, others do too. So help a brother out, helping me is helping you 🙂

Why have immozie.com review your products?

Because I’m Mozie 😛 AND….

  • Your get a free high quality unique & honest review about your product which potential buyers will read and perhaps purchase.
  • Real SEO value, because I review and test products all day, so yes I learn to use them to make my sites and services better. This includes writing reviews that will rank well and reach potential buyers.
  • I advertise all new reviews on all my social media accounts, web 2.0 accounts, document accounts and if it’s a really amazing product then even on my Forum profiles.
  • I include many bonuses & freebies for visitors to help convince them to buy your products.
  • I mention your review in my weekly newsletter that reaches my entire list of subscribers.
To see if I offer a category for the type of product you would like to have reviewed, you can check out my Internet Marketing & SEO Review Directory page.

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