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With all the other internet marketers out there trying to get your attention and your email address, why in the world should you give us the time of day to sign up on our list? We think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you check out the 10 reasons why you should sign up on the IM Mozie subscriber list:

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7. For fun, we hold contests where we give away free IM software, ebooks, courses, and more. Our subscribers get notified when contests begin and stand a chance to win!

8. We like to create community, so our subscribers get to vote on what products we should review next. You’ll get to have your say, and your reviews will help other community members to make informed buying decisions.

9. You’ll get no-strings-attached access to our Freebies section: are you getting the fact that we love to give our subscribers as much free information as possible to help them succeed? With some cool free resources at your fingertips, you could find yourself starting out with zero cash investment! We are in the process of moving this entire section to a membership area.

10. I have added a few free training courses in SEO, list building, Facebook conversions, and affiliate marketing. And, just as an example of the valuable content you’ll receive, I paid out of my own pocket for a PLR training package that’s originally valued at $1000. But that’s how much the content is worth–subscribers will gain access to the training for FREE

**Amazing Bonus Packages Offered & An Upcoming Affiliate Program**

We will also be starting an affiliate program, exclusively for our subscribers. When you promote our products you’ll earn 50% commission on every sale! Plus, you can tell your affiliate buyers that if they buy products through any of our affiliate links or buy any of our products through your affiliate links, they get to choose a FREE bonus package.

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