Create Your Group Coaching Program PLR Coaching Course Review

Create Your Group Coaching Program PLR Coaching Course Review

Product Name: Create Your Group Coaching Program PLR Coaching Course

Author:  Contentsparks

My Honest Create Your Group Coaching Program PLR Coaching Course Review and You Get To Choose Your Bonuses.

Create Your Group Coaching Program PLR Coaching Course Review

Quickly put together your own online course, live workshop, or coaching program on how to Create Your Group Coaching Program – where you’ll teach your audience how to design a group coaching program that expands their impact & transforms lives.

Simply download the materials, add your name and branding, and then sell or teach to clients or prospects.

With this easy-to-edit, complete course kit, you get:

  • A ready-to-teach course, saving you months of time on content creation…  
  • Everything you need to attract students to your course, so you can close more sales…  
  • The ability to edit, customize, and brand the materials, so it fits your market and your personality…  
  • A complete “training-in-a-box,” at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch…  
  • …and much more!


Create Your Group Coaching Program PLR Coaching Course

Create Your Group Coaching Program Cover

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get…

Are you a business coach, consultant, or trainer? Are your clients and customers looking for a way off the hamster wheel of trading time for cash? Well, you’re in the right place to help them!

Here’s how…

Anyone trying to build a solid coaching practice or service business knows it’s hard to thrive unless you have 1-to-1 clients. But there’s a BIG problem with that:  

  • You can only serve a few people at a time 
  • You’re always struggling to find your next client 
  • Earning more means working longer hours… and never having a moment to yourself.  

There IS another way…  

Group Coaching Programs give you the ability to impact more lives AND give the personal attention that gets better results for clients.  

With group coaching, you work with small groups of clients in live sessions, often in combination with other training and resources.  

It’s the ideal mix of coaching, training, and accountability.  

It gets the best results for the most clients…. without breaking the bank for anyone!  

1-to-1 coaching isn’t for everyone, and it can be too expensive for many people.  

Luckily, sometimes less is actually more… as long as you know how to make ‘less’ work for you. 

Because the truth is…

More people can afford a LITTLE of you than those who can afford ALL of you.  

But even if you’re already a skilled coach, it doesn’t mean you’re a natural at group coaching.  

When you’re coaching a group of people, the dynamics are different. You have to do things like:

  • Build in engagement and accountability 
  • Facilitate relationships among group members 
  • Handle potential conflict 
  • Spark conversation and exchange of ideas 
  • Ensure everyone is participating in the sessions and keeping up  

As a group coach, you want clients to be making progress and begging you for the next group session.  

How can you teach your own audience to deliver group coaching programs like that?  

We’ve got your back!

Create Your Group Coaching Program

Content Sparks has created a powerful, 6-module, Ready-to-Teach course called ‘Create Your Group Coaching Program‘ that you can both LEARN from and TEACH under your own name.

This premium program covers the critical components for creating a wildly-engaged, high impact group coaching experience,  

….without burning out or spending every waking second of every single day on your tablet or laptop, or walking around with your phone glued to your hand.  

No matter where your audience is right now in their business…

Whether they’re a new coach wondering “How the heck do I even start a group coaching program?”  

Or a more established coach or trainer who’s had a business for years, but just never gained traction with their group coaching programs….  

Or a consultant who’s nestled somewhere in between…  

Our brandable, easy-to-edit course is perfect for them.  

In Create Your Group Coaching Program you’ll teach your students how to:

  • Establish the group coaching mindset they need in order to create profitable, thriving group programs… without burning out or trying to please everyone 
  • Plan, and create their results-focused group coaching program with ease and efficiency (no more late nights or last-minute “What do I do?” panic attacks) 
  • Run engaging, productive live group sessions… where members feel safe, supported, and motivated to succeed 
  • Set up the marketing essentials they need in order to make sure their group coaching program isn’t just effective, but also profitable (no more relying on 1:1 clients) 
  • Evaluate what’s working and what isn’t… both for their group members AND for their own goals

[Check out the Module Overviews below for more details on what you’ll cover in the course.]  

Our ready-to-go course kit is divided into separate modules and lessons, so it can easily be broken up to deliver sections over time – to avoid overwhelm and give time for implementation.  

Best of all, everything is editable and rebrandable.  

So you can learn from it yourself and start creating your own group coaching program,  

AND, you can use the same materials to help your clients, customers, members, and prospects. 

That’s because when you purchase a license to our customizable courses, you get the rights to: 

  • Edit the content any way you want
  • Put your name and brand on, and
  • Repurpose it into whatever media you want

Then use your new course to…

  • Attract a flood of leads for your other products and services
  • Expand your reputation as an expert with online courses, webinars, workshops, videos, and more
  • Provide resources for your clients to help them get results (and win their lasting devotion)
  • Create a nice new income stream with a paid program (in any format you want)

You’ll be helping your audience implement a powerful strategy for growing their audience and their business.  

And… you’ll be adding a major asset to your own business (a course!) that will take it to a whole new level.

Here’s what you’ll teach in ‘Create Your Group Coaching Program’…

Create Your Group Coaching Program is designed to be delivered in whatever format makes the most sense for YOUR audience. For example, you can deliver it as any or all of the following:

  • 2-day in-person, hands-on workshop (or VIP retreat)
  • Online course with both text and a series of 20 or more bite-sized videos
  • Webinar series with 4 or more live, interactive sessions (plus handouts)
  • Self-study eBook with Action Guide (add a coaching upsell to increase value)
  • Dripped email course with attached worksheets (add links to your other programs!)

How you use the content is entirely up to you and what you need for your audience and your business. But no matter how you decide to teach the course, here’s what you’ll cover:  


You’ll start out with an overview of the course and what your students will learn, so that everyone is excited to jump in and get going.

Module 1 – Why Group Coaching?

Having a group coaching program can eliminate your business burnout, help your clients get exceptional results, grow your revenue, AND enable you to make a bigger impact on more people’s lives. Your students need to work smarter, not harder.  

In this first module, you’ll explore the benefits group coaching can provide to your students’ business and their potential customers. You’ll help them establish a group coaching mindset for success, and guide them to set clear business goals they want to achieve with a group coaching program.

Module 2 – Design Your Results-Driven Group Coaching Program

You know that you want to offer a group coaching program and you’ve identified the goals you want to achieve with it.

In Module 2, you’ll guide your students through creating their Group Coaching Program Plan, including all the details of how they’ll structure and deliver their offer.

  • Lesson 1: Identify Your Audience – In Lesson 1, you’ll uncover the secrets to finding the perfect audience for your students’ programs – those dreamy clients who will love (and be able to afford) their group coaching. 
  • Lesson 2: Define the Theme and Key Elements of Your Program – In Lesson 2, you’ll love how we make it so simple for your students to pick a theme for their group coaching and create the elements that stick in their clients’ hearts & minds.
  • Lesson 3: Design Your Program Structure – In Lesson 3, you’ll show your students the number one thing they can do to ensure that their program supports their students.
  • Lesson 4: Decide on Delivery and Communication Methods – In Lesson 4, you’ll help your students choose the best delivery and communication methods for their unique coaching program audience.
  • Lesson 5: Create Your Coaching Content – In Lesson 5, you’ll explore how to create high-value, low content materials that resonate with your students’ audience. They’ll love these so much they’ll want to use them over and over again!

Module 3 – Apply Proven Group Coaching Skills to Facilitate Success 

The truth? Locating your audience and choosing your delivery method is just the beginning. If you truly want to create a group coaching program that gets results and frees you from the grind, you have to have some skills that are unique to group coaching. The strategies and tools in Module 3 will help. 

  • Lesson 1: Group Coaching Skills – In Lesson 1, you’ll teach your students simple group coaching skills that will help facilitate outcome, build trust, and create an environment where their members feel safe, supported, and motivated.
  • Lesson 2: Guidelines for Running Successful Group Sessions – In Lesson 2, you’ll show your students how to plan the specifics of different types of live group sessions and deal with common pitfalls that can derail everyone’s progress.

Module 4 – Marketing Your Program

Now that you have a group coaching program you’re sure will help people, you’ll want to get the word out and start enrolling members.  

In Module 4, you’ll show your students how to set up the basics they need in order to sell their program and attract the clients who will benefit most.

Module 5 – Evaluating Results

Once you’ve run your group coaching program, you’ll want to evaluate it to make sure that it’s meeting your business needs while achieving the goals your group members are striving for.  

In Module 5, you’ll help your students choose evaluation tools and analyze the results they’ve obtained so far.  

Module 6 – Review and Refine

In this final module, you’ll teach some tips to your students to capitalize on their group programs. You’ll also give your students the opportunity to review the course and plan future action.

And to teach the program above, here’s exactly what you’ll get in ‘Create Your Group Coaching Program’:

Part 1: Student Materials – to Learn & Take Action 

Course Book 

Create Your Group Coaching Program Course Book

88 pages of content and activity instructions you can use to create a comprehensive self-study eBook, online course, or handout for a live workshop

You’d pay $2,000+ just to learn how to create a course like this, and you’d still have to spend months doing it yourself  

Action Guide 

A complete set of worksheets which helps your students take action on what they learn, so you’ll have happy, successful customers  

Create Your Group Coaching Program Action Guide

Summary Cheat Sheet 

A 42-page course overview, which includes the main takeaways, key points, and action steps from each module of the course 

You and your students can use it as a quick reference to save time, versus having to refer to the course book every time.

Customers always love these!  

Create Your Group Coaching Program Summary Cheat Sheet

Graphics of Key Points

Create Your Group Coaching Program Graphics of Key Points

30 colorful graphics that are used to visualize key content in the course book (and slideshow).

These not only give a snapshot view of concepts, but also give your content some visual zing (in .pptx, .pdf and .png)  

You’ll also get the following…

  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire – for your students to fill out and gauge their level of competence in each coaching skill
  • Group Coaching Intake Form – a sample intake form for you students to use for ideas and adapt for their own use
  • Weekly Accountability Template – use this template to keep your students responsible for taking action to achieve their goals
  • Group Coaching Planner – for your students to plan out all the details of their program
  • Create Your Group Coaching Program Overview Infographic – which gives your students an ‘at a glance’ visual of the process for launching and marketing their online course (in .pdf, .png & .pptx)
  • Handouts of All of the Presentation Slides – so participants can follow along, take notes, and refer back to the material later…all you have to do is hit ‘send’ or ‘print’ (only provided in the full Blaze package – see pricing further down the page)

Part 2: Instructor Materials to Teach Your Course


Create Your Group Coaching Program Slideshow

216 slides, which give you a ready-made presentation for a multi-day classroom workshop, webinar series, or videos. You just fire up your slide program or screen recorder… and start teaching or recording 

Worth at least $750 and hours of your time 

Speaker Notes 

A full script and instructions for presenting the course, so you’ll know exactly what to say. You’ll find your notes both under the slides AND in a separate document. 

Just add some of your own language to make it sound like you. That’s what makes your course truly unique. 

Create Your Group Coaching Program Speaker Notes

Course Follow-Up Emails 

5 emails to send to participants after the course, which allow you to continue to provide value and build relationships, so you can make them customers for life 

A decent copywriter charges at least $100 per email. 

Create Your Group Coaching Program Course Follow Up Emails

Implementation Guide and Suggested Curriculum 

Create Your Group Coaching Program Implementation Guide and Suggested Curriculum

Additional instructions and ideas, so that you’re prepared to deliver the quality your customers expect.

You’ll even get a list of 6 different courses you can use to put together a longer series or membership site for a high-ticket program.

You’ll also get the following…

  • Evaluation Form – so you can get customer feedback and further customize the course for your audience (and turn them into raving fans) 
  • Course Research Sources list – which gives you reference material so you can brush up on your own knowledge and answer any question your customers ask (Saves you hours of searching on Google) 
  • Top Ways to Deliver Your Training – which helps you select the right delivery method for you, so you can reach your target audience and maximize sales 
  • Instructions for Using Your Content – which give you additional tips for for using and repurposing your content in different ways.

Part 3: Lead Generation Materials to Attract Students

Opt-In Report 

Create Your Group Coaching Program Opt In Report

Use the report on ‘The 5 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Group Coaching Program‘ as a lead magnet to get new people on your email list, so you can sell your course or other products & services. We even give you a slideshow and cheat sheet version!

A $550 value all by itself.

Opt-In Follow-Up Emails 

7 emails to send to people after they receive your lead magnet to nurture your relationship with your new subscribers. These increase your own credibility and sell your programs for you, saving you time and converting more subscribers into customers 

Another $500+ value 

Create Your Group Coaching Program Course Follow Up Emails

Blog Posts 

5 articles which give you pre-written marketing content to spark discussion on your blog, so you can build more excitement for your course

Costs $500+ to outsource

Create Your Group Coaching Program Blog Posts


Share the infographic on ‘The 5 Simple Steps to Set Up Your Group Coaching Program’ on social media or elsewhere to show your audience how important the topic is. 

Create Your Group Coaching Program Infographic

Or use it as an additional lead magnet or content upgrade on your blog to attract more students for your course.

You’ll also get the following…

  • Opt-In Slideshow – which gives you the opt-in report in a presentation format with speaker notes, so you can also present it in person, as a video, or on a webinar (webinars have been proven to have the highest conversion rates!) 
  • Opt-In Cheat Sheet – which gives you a summary outline of the opt-in report as another alternate lead magnet (people love content they can consume quickly) 
  • 30 Social Media Posts – which give you pre-written tips to share on all your social media (try putting them on shareable images too!)

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Course 

Watch as I open up the course folders and show you EXACTLY what content you’ll get and how it works…

Want to see a sample?

Create Your Group Coaching Program Sample

What Create Your Group Coaching Program PLR Coaching Course Review Bonuses Can I choose From?