23 Best Lifetime Premium WordPress Themes Club Memberships

23 Best Lifetime Premium WordPress Themes Club Memberships

So you are here to take a look at our list of premium

responsive WordPress themes lifetime subscriptions?

Before I show you the list, tell me, what makes WordPress such a popular blogging platform?

Bloggers love WordPress, and each and every blogger has their own answer to this question.

I love WordPress because of its simple foundation. The fact that it makes blogging a breeze by taking away all the coding jargons for “technologically retarded” people like me. It relaxes me.

Even as a newbie to the blogging scene, anyone can make changes to the WordPress backend without messing with the coding or breaking the site. This itself is a blessing for marketers, who just don’t have time or money to invest in hiring professional agencies to get the work done.

Needless to say, if you are a Web Design Agency or a Freelancer as well, you can keep my list of 23 best WordPress themes clubs’ lifetime memberships handy. (Press CTRL+B or CMD+B to Bookmark this page)

What is the need of this list?

Firstly, these is not an ordinary WordPress Themes Clubs list. Secondly, this is the list of all the WordPress themes memberships that I use to manage my 800+ Blogs along with my opinion on them.

The Problem

There are over 3K+ Themes in the WordPress themes repository, not to mention the 7K+ themes on Theme Forest and thousands of other themes that are available from standalone sellers. All in all, there is a huge list of options when you want to select a theme for your blog, but that itself poses as the problem because it is tough to differentiate the good, from the bad and ugly.

The Solution

I have taken the time to enlist all the worth WordPress Theme Club Lifetime memberships here so that you can make a steady decision and select a plan that gets you lifetime memberships to top premium themes at a one-time cost. And most of them come with unlimited updates too. So you get to enjoy the best premium themes without paying for updates.


My handpicked list of the best Premium WordPress Theme Clubs with a Lifetime membership option:


Theme Junky WordPress Theme Package 46 Premium themes


Theme Junkie WordPress Theme Package 46 Premium themes

When it comes to selecting the best WordPress themes lifetime membership, then the Theme Junkie is the first club to come to my mind. All their themes are SEO Friendly and Adsense Optimized.

Some of the features of Theme Funky WordPress Themes that are worthy of mention are:
  1. The designs are hell attractive. I personally use the Smart Blog, Mag Now and Mystery themes the most. After checking the quality of all their themes, it is safe to conclude that they have fine quality design and layout.
  2. The themes are written in clear coding, which entails that they are compatible with all web browsers and devices.
  3. The Lifetime Package comes at a price of $99, which is a real bargain for the lifetime updates and support they will be providing on all present and future themes.
  4. They are constantly updating all their themes unlike some developers that let their old themes to rot. This means that you can expect all your themes to be compatible for the rest of your life.
  5. Proper use of PHP/HTML/CSS along with Search Engine Friendly coding not only makes the themes load super-fast but also helps increase your search rankings.


Click here to take a look at all their themes.




MyThemeShop Extended Membership All Premium Themes and Plugins


MyThemeShop Extended Membership All Premium Themes and Plugins

In no particular order, I have put the MyThemeShop extended membership in the second position of my premium WordPress Themes Lifetime membership list. It doesn’t mean that other options like StuidioPress and Theme Kingdom are any less good, you should choose the package that best suits your needs.

Here is a list of things that are a worthy mention for the MyThemeShop Extended Membership plan:
  1. The company has over 74,000 happy customers. If all those customers are happy, then surely the company is doing something right.
  2. They constantly give free themes and plugins to the WordPress community all of which are compatible with latest standards like CSS3, HTML 5 and Responsive, etc.
  3. I am an avid user of their Sensational theme and use it on more than 16+ websites.
  4. All their themes come with a theme panel that is created by someone who understands the requirements of a blogger.
  5. They let you configure every minute aspect of the themes like Typography and Ad Placements.
  6. Lots of advanced integrations put into the themes like Author Box, Floating Social Media Buttons, Fixed Navigation and more, so no need external plugins.
  7. They add one new theme every month and their support forum is active and gives a quick response to problems.
  8. Single themes can be purchased at $27/$47 per theme, and $87 for one year for all themes, with $9/month for extended support and downloads.


Click here to check out all their themes.




StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package

StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package

StudioPress is the third name in my top WordPress themes lifetime club membership list. And before I even begin talking about their themes I would like to mention something – They are the creators of Genesis Framework. The most popular framework for WordPress.

The SP team describes WordPress as the engine of your car, Genesis as the body or skeleton of your car and its themes as the Paint job.

Some remarkable things worth mentioning about StudioPress Themes is that:
  1. All the themes come with the following features:
    1. fast loading websites
    2. responsive HTML5 Design and compatible in mobile
    3. highly secure themes
    4. minimal customization for a sleek user experience
    5. full access to SEO Friendly Genesis Framework codebase
    6. simplified and minimalistic admin panel, clean coding
  2. When shifting between different child themes you do not need to worry about losing your SEO rankings because of the unified Genesis Framework of all themes.
  3. With the Genesis framework taking care of all the important things like security, SEO, design and usability and the child themes taking care of the aesthetics, you are guaranteed to have a robust foundation no matter how many websites you switch.
  4. When it comes to support there is a public support forum that is hosted on the Studio Press Website. Along with that there are separate FAQs and guides section to help you learn the different ways of SP themes.
  5. The all-inclusive PRO Package of Studio Press themes comes at a one off price of $499, which includes the Genesis framework, and all themes and plugin that are made, or will be made in future as well.


Click here to check out the themes of StudioPress.




Ultimatum Theme Lifetime Pass


Ultimatum Theme Lifetime Pass

Number five on my list of WordPress Theme Clubs Lifetime Membership is the one and only, Ultimatum Theme by Wonder Foundry. Creating a website with this framework is a simple matter of drag and drop, in other words – no coding involved.

I have been using this framework since 2014 and I have used it for more than 20 websites for my personal and commercial purpose. Without further ado, let’s talk about some of the notable mentions of this theme:

  1. The theme is responsive, which means it automatically adjusts to the layout of screen like desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
  2. Installs with 18 Custom Widgets, the subscription for each would total down to $200 for a year. Click here (insert aff link) to check the widgets.
  3. Building page structures and websites from scratch is very easy with the Ultimatum Theme. I taught my VA to use it in like 2 hours or something.
  4. Does support 600+ Google fonts, for people who understand the importance of Typography.
  5. Comes with a Web and Mobile App Builder, which can be used to show visitors a different website for their device. (This feature is not available in most other WordPress Theme Lifetime Subscriptions)
  6. Priced at $399, you get the power of Ultimate Theme with unlimited support for life. And you can use on unlimited client websites as well. For a one-time investment, this theme is a powerful add-on to any freelancer or graphic design agency’s arsenal


Click here to see the Ultimate Theme Showcase.




Design Orbital Theme Club Lifetime Access


DesignOrbital Theme Club Lifetime Access

Another WordPress theme shop that falls into my category of best WP themes lifetime membership are our friends from Pakistan – the team behind Design Orbital. They are a fairly new team formed back in 2013 with a moto to provide clean, modern and responsive WP themes that give great user experience.

Before I decided to use their themes, I checked that they have some free themes on offer in the WordPress repository, as well as offer some premium themes on WordPress.com, which should be a clear indicator of their clean coding prowess. But that’s not the point. Let’s see what they have in store for us:

  1. They offer a total of 8 Premium and 4 Free themes as of yet.
  2. All their themes are retina ready and responsive, with unlimited layouts, color picker options, custom widgets and multiple sidebars.
  3. All Design Orbital themes have 100% GPL license. (GPL means)
  4. Single themes are available at $45, while the yearly subscription is $89. If you want to opt for the Lifetime Access Membership to strengthen your arsenal of themes, it would be a onetime charge of $249 for all their present and future premium themes.


Click here to check their premium themes.




AppThemes Standard Club Edition All Themes Lifetime License


AppThemes Standard Club edition All Themes Lifetime License

App Themes is a San Francisco-based WordPress theme company that offers a horde of premium WordPress templates to choose from. However, if you have used their themes before, you would know that when priced separately, their templates are on the pricier end. All in all, they are a must mention in my WordPress Theme Club Membership Lifetime list.

Well, if you are willing to spend money for quality, then the App Themes Standard Club Edition Lifetime License is your best bet.

The theme templates are mostly on the commercial end, like the ClassiPress Theme, JobRoller, Clipper etc. are Classified, Job Listing, and Coupon templates. The themes are available in Envato Marketplace for $69+ each, but if you want to own the standard club edition all theme lifetime pass, then it costs a meager $249 for the value they offer.

Purchasing the Standard Club Edition will give you access to all their themes plus a horde of other features like:
  1. 20+ Marketplace Items
  2. Lifetime License
  3. Can be used on unlimited websites
  4. Support will be provided for 12 Months

These themes are definitely not for everyone. But if you have clients who keep demanding listing or classified websites, then this package is a good buy for you.


Click here to check out their themes.




DIYThemes Thesis Professional Lifetime Plan


DIYthemes Thesis Professional Lifetime Plan

Unlike other theme clubs offering a multitude of themes to choose from, DIYThemes has a different story to tell. Needless to mention that their Thesis theme is an undisputed candidate in my arsenal.

Unlike other WordPress Theme Club Lifetime Memberships, DIY themes offers only one theme, but with a twist.

The Thesis theme comes with 3 alienated features, which are exclusive to DIYThemes alone:
  1. Boxes
  2. Skins
  3. Site Tools

Take note that these are not overhyped words, they have a function.

These Boxes: These are like apps for your website. You can simply drag and drop them into your design to add more functionality to your code. Though some boxes are free, there are many that are only available in the Basic Plus Edition. All-inclusive in the Professional plan.

Thesis Skins: With this addition, DIYThemes introduced a new and simple way to change the design of your website, without writing a single line of code. There are some skins in the basic plans, but all the six skins are available in the Basic Plus and Professional plans.

Thesis Site Tools: Comes with an array of Site tools pre-built into theme for maximum Search Engine visibility. You can do things like Schema Markup, Google Authorship, Site Verification and Custom 404 pages with a few clicks of a button with the Site Tools.


Click here to check examples of websites built with DIYThemes Thesis 2.




Premium Press V.I.P Members Club All Themes


PremiumPress V.I.P Members Club All Themes

Premium Press is famous for their collection of application WordPress themes. All their themes are developed with the latest SEO Quality guidelines in mind. So, rest assured that you could pick any of their themes and you will get the best loading speed.

One thing to keep in mind is that, these themes are not for everyone. The Application WordPress themes are developed with the unique purpose, and may not suit everyone. With the help of their themes, you can create websites like:

  • Business Directory
  • Auction Site
  • Coupon Site
  • Classified Portal
  • Online Shop
  • Price Comparison Sites
  • Dating Sites
  • Job Roll Sites
  • Car Dealer Websites
  • Video Sharing Websites
  • Digital Downloads or Music Websites

A few things that are a notable mention to this best WordPress Lifetime Theme clubs for webmasters looking for app-based themes are:

  1. The VIP Theme Club Package comes with 15 Themes with 80+ Child Theme Setups and quick installation.
  2. All Source and PSD Files included for unlimited customization
  3. The Support and Documentation is top notch with the following things:
    1. Get Started Guide – Detailed guide to start using Premium Press themes.
    2. Technical Support – Discuss issues with admins and staffs about your websites.
    3. Documentations – Clear documentation with all the required details.
    4. Development Guide – Specifically for developers looking to customize the Premium Press themes.
    5. Video Guides – Detailed and newbie friendly videos that give you full instruction to create website from 0 to 100.
  4. The Premium Press lifetime all access plan comes at one off cost that gives you access to all their themes, with unlimited support for lifetime and updates.


Click here to check out all the Premium Press Themes.




Themes Kingdom Lifetime Membership


Themes Kingdom Lifetime Memebership

Themes Kingdom is one of my most used subscriptions from the best WordPress themes lifetime memberships list. Like I have mentioned before, I have over 800+ websites on the internet, and out of those quite a few like 30-40 are purely using Theme Kingdom themes.

Presently they offer 51 Themes in their arsenal and promise to introduce one to two new themes every month. Some of the notable mentions of Theme Kingdom themes is:

  1. All their themes are responsive and all browser compatible.
  2. They have a club subscription that gives access to all their 51 themes and plugins for $50, which makes it less than $1 for each theme if you calculate.
  3. Most of the new themes have White Label Theme Administration
  4. Support post formats and Google Maps Integration
  5. Translation ready as well as Mail Chimp Integration
  6. Custom Widget options
  7. Multiple support resources included with documentation
  8. PSD Files available and built in Contact Form Plugin
  9. Includes access to Scebo, a built in Support Ticketing System that can be plugged into any website.

Just going by the features, all these features are at par with the other WordPress theme companies.


Click here to check out all the Theme Kingdom Themes.




CSSIgniter Lifetime Access All Themes and Plugins


CSSIgniter Lifetime Access All Themes and Plugins  

CSS Igniter is another worthy mention in my list of best lifetime WordPress theme clubs. After their initial failure in 2010, the duo Gerasimos and Anastis decided to relaunch CSSIgniter with a mission to claim a chunk of the WordPress theme development market. They initially came with 10 Themes in 2012, and since then have managed to launch at least one theme every month.

I am saying this because it is important to understand their consistency and desire to be in the WordPress theme market.

Without any further bragging let’s take a look at what CSSIgniter has in store for us:

  1. 77 Fully responsive WordPress themes and counting.
  2. All the themes have clean, contemporary and unique designs.
  3. Each theme is designed for a specific purpose or niche in mind.
  4. They have over 50,000+ Customers and counting.
  5. With such a massive arsenal of themes I am always able to get the theme that suits my purpose.
  6. All the themes are Retina Ready, Translation Ready, Speed Optimized with Sample Content
  7. The lifetime access comes at a one-off price of $249 for all current themes and future themes, support and updates for life, unlimited sites, all plugins and HTML + PSD Templates. Support, Documentation & Services.
  8. Support and Documentation is also up to the mark. No complaints here.
Click here to check out the CSSIgniter Themes.




Themify Lifetime Master Club


Themify Lifetime Master Club

Another interesting mention in my best lifetime WordPress Theme Memberships! The Themify Lifetime Master Club plan. Read on to find out why I found this package so amusing.

I will try to include all the aspects of Themify that are worthy of mention:

  1. Access to all themes under categories like Blog, Corporate, eCommerce, Featured, Magazine, Portfolio, Post Formats, Restaurant and more (Over 100+ themes and counting), with lifetime updates and support.
  2. All themes support extensive customization, all thanks to the Themify Builder.
  3. They also offer full documentation for all themes, plugins and shortcodes. There are over hundreds of guides available in their library.
  4. They also have a public forum to discuss and get tips about Themify themes.
  5. There is also an email support option. However, the response is a little slow on this one.
  6. One of the primary reasons why Themify has such a high reputation in the theme market is because of their tendency to offer a lot of valuable themes and plugins for free in the market.
  7. Notable mention: The Themify Conditional Menu Plugin, which allows you to use conditional logic to display the right menu on any given page. This is a free feature available with all plans of Themify.

Themify Lifetime Master Club Plan is perfect addition for serial website builders and creative agencies.

Click here to take a look at their massive list of themes, add-ons and plugins.



MH Themes Lifetime Access to All WordPress Themes


MH Themes Lifetime Access to all WordPress themes

MH Themes is one of the best WordPress theme clubs for dynamic news websites, online magazines and other editorial related websites. I let my VA launch fresh looking tabloids in a matter of minutes with MH Themes.

Some of the notable mentions of MH Themes are:

  1. All the themes are fully responsive and feature a lot of options and widgets to create perfect Magazine style websites.
  2. The focus on updating and polishing their existing themes, before launching new themes into the marketplace.
  3. All their themes are SEO Friendly and completely optimized for speed.
  4. Translation ready themes with RTL Support as well.
  5. 24 Hour quick response time for all Support tickets and regular updates for all their themes.
  6. Not uncommon, but their installation service is also affordable.
  7. Their lifetime plan comes at $199 with access to all present and future themes and plugins with unlimited support, downloads, and unlimited website use.


Click here to take a look at all the MH themes.




WPZOOM All Themes Package Lifetime License


WPZOOM All Themes Package Lifetime License

Call them a brother to MH Themes or a competitor, but WPZoom also fashions a horde of Magazine Style Themes, with a few Recipe Style and Restaurant Style themes as well. They are just trying to bring more variety to the table.

I have not them very much, but I did pay for their Yearly Subscription plan of $200 to get a taste of what they have to offer.

First things first, cost like $200 first year with $19/m for continued support. That’s a hell lot of money. But on second thoughts, if they are charging so much, I am sure they must be doing somethings right. So, let’s take a look at that:


  1. The WPZoom Membership comes as $199 + 19/mo. Access to all 50+ themes and one new addition every month.
  2. Out of the 50 themes on WPZoom, more than 30 are responsive. (Correct me if I am wrong, maybe it’s 28 or 26)
  3. Some of the built-in features include featured sliders and slideshows (really awesome with WPZoom themes), Control excerpt length, font control, AdSense ready, banner areas etc.
  4. One area that the themes shine is when you need to display a lot of content in a small space. I have tried multiple times to stuff content into small blocks, and somehow, they always manage to look neat and organized.
  5. Customer support is always through the support forum, and the response is pretty speedy.


Click here to take a look at the WPZoom themes.




Anariel Design All Themes Lifetime Plan


Anariel Design All Themes Lifetime Plan

Sorry for putting this one deep into my WordPress theme clubs Lifetime list. Anariel Design deserves a good mention in this list. I have not organized the membership plans in this list according to any rankings. So, that’s that.

Now let’s take a look at what makes Anariel Design such a worthy name in the WordPress Themes market.

  1. Anariel Design has hired word class designers to create there WordPress themes and plugins.
  2. They currently offer 200+ Themes, 40+ Plugins and over 500 hours of WordPress training materials to all their members.
  3. The forum is exceptionally active with lots of discussions like feedback, item requests, off topic discussions, WordPress tips and training, etc.
  4. The FAQs section is flooded with information regarding WordPress website setup and customization.
  5. They have all categories of themes like, News, Technology, Ecommerce, Blog, Non-profit, Corporate, Magazine, Creative, Entertainment, Retail and others.
  6. One of the best support in the forum ever. I can easily compare it to Theme.co Support. They are as good as that. Every time I raise a question, I get response from staff as well as Pro members who have been using the theme for a long time. Good, Actionable advice there.


Click here to take a look at all the Anariel Design Themes.




SoloStream Lifetime WP Themes Membership Plan


SoloStream Lifetime WP Themes Membership Plan

SoloStream enters the list of WordPress Theme Club memberships with its army of 55+ WordPress Responsive themes at $299 for life.

I will try to jot down some of the benefits this company offers:


  1. The theme functionality is simple to understand with a custom theme setting page for all their themes.
  2. All the themes fashion a clean approach and design that helps in increasing site conversions.
  3. The SoloStream forum is the place where all the support action takes place. Members can ask questions and get a reply from other existing members or committee of staffs.
  4. Take a look at their themes, and if you like them, you should opt for their Yearly or Lifetime Subscriptions as it is a great plus.
  5. They are constantly updating their old themes and bringing new ones into the market along with enhanced plugins and add-ons.


Click here to take a look at SoloStream Themes.




Modern Themes Lifetime WordPress Themes Membership


Modern Themes Lifetime WordPress Themes Membership

Modern Themes is a new addition to the best WordPress Theme Clubs list. I had not thought of including it in the WordPress Theme Club review before, but I changed my mind because they do seem to stand out from all the fake theme publishers and wannabe’s in the market.

Some of the notable mentions of Modern Themes are:

  1. All themes have the functionality to include full-screen video homepage or image homepage. More like the hero image that sets the first impression for your website.
  2. Support for Parallax images in rows, which give a classy look to your website as well.
  3. A horde of Custom Post Type Plugins like Services Plugin, Projects Plugin, Testimonials Plugin, Details Plugin, Team Members Plugin, Clients Plugin, Google Maps plugin and more to choose from.
  4. Responsive website design and support for multiple sidebars in pages.
  5. Support for all 600+ fonts of Google.
  6. PSD and HTML+ Files included.
  7. Lifetime updates on all themes and plugins and support for each as well.

All in all, it is a fantastic buy for $125 for lifetime access to all their present and future themes and plugins.


Click here to check out all theme themes of Modern Themes.




TeslaThemes Premium WordPress Themes Lifetime Plan


TeslaThemes Premium WordPress Themes Lifetime Plan
As with all the WordPress theme clubs’ reviews, I will be breaking down the most important aspects of this amazing theme shop by Tesla Themes. But, before diving in, you should take a moment to look at these beautiful themes – CRE8OR, DAYLIGHT, and NARCOS.

As promised I will talk about what you get with this theme packages, the ease of use, responsiveness of themes, documentation, and support.

Some of the most notable aspects of Tesla Themes are:

  1. The themes are high in quality with features like WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, Template Pages and Control Panel settings that make page customization a piece of cake for dummies.
  2. All the themes provided in the package are responsive in nature, and the developers promise 18+ new themes every year.
  3. The documentation and support is up to par with all the leading Theme providers. The FAQ section is very detailed and would always save you the time of having to contact support and wait for a reply.
  4. The Almighty Lifetime plan of Tesla Themes comes at $199 for a onetime payment, with all the benefits you could imagine when purchasing a WordPress Theme Club Lifetime Membership Package. All in all, they are a great investment to make if you are a serial website builder or design agency.


Click here to take a look at all the themes from Tesla Themes.




SiteMile All Theme Access Lifetime Membership Club


SiteMile All Theme Access Lifetime Membership Club

SiteMile Theme Shop is actually famous for being one of the best Auction Theme providers. Their Auction theme is the best bet if you are looking to make a website like eBay.com.

But, apart from the Auction Theme, SiteMile WordPress Themes Lifetime Membership is a great buy, I will tell you why.

  1. The themes are plug and play and do not require any third party plugin integrations to run effectively.
  2. All the themes are SEO Optimized, meaning you can rest assure that your On-page optimization is going to be picture perfect regarding Google Quality Guidelines.
  3. Support is extremely responsive and I received replies within a few hours of posting my problems.
  4. Their themes like Pricerr, Buzzler and Penny do not have any notable competitors. (At least according to me)
  5. Support is provided through Forum, Email, Phone or Skype always.
  6. Their professional plan comes at a one-time payment of $479, all themes included unlimited website installs, all extensions, lifetime license, lifetime updates and priority support.

Though a bit on the “pricierr” end, you cannot settle for any other theme if their themes suit your requirements. That is my guarantee.


Click here to take a look at the SiteMile themes.




ZigzagPress Premium WordPress Themes Forever Lifetime Membership


ZigzagPress Premium WordPress Themes Forever Lifetime Membership

The Zigzag Press is the new name in the WordPress Themes Lifetime Access list. At first, I was skeptical, but then I got their membership a few months ago when I came to know that all their themes are based on the Genesis Framework by StudioPress, one of my all-time fav theme shops.

Presently they have around 33+ themes on offer, and I am a fan of their Showroom and Zen theme. Here are some of the most notable mentions of ZigZag Press Themes:

  1. All themes fashion a sleek design that don’t have the typical boxy look
  2. All themes are mobile responsive and all browser compatible.
  3. Majority of the themes use HTML5 (Be sure to check documentation if you use)
  4. Most themes come with built-in Portfolios for easy customization.
  5. They are constantly bringing in more themes. Considering the fact that they are just a few years into the theme game. They already have 33+ themes and are going strong.
  6. All themes come with 100% GPL License.
  7. Support is not exceptional at the moment, but they are getting better. And by better I mean, they are striving to give the best to the customers, which is what really matters.
  8. Their Forever Membership comes with all access to present and future installments at just $349 for the 33+ Awesome and Updated themes they already have on offer.


Click here to take a look at the ZigZag Press Themes.




FrogsThemes Lifetime Themes Club Membership


FrogsThemes Lifetime Themes Club Membership

Wow! One of the best niche theme shops providers. Frog Themes is a must have WordPress Theme Club Membership if you are into niche websites like, ad agencies, car dealers, plumbers, etc. All my major niche websites are hosted with their themes. Period.

Here are some of the most notable mentions of Frogs Themes Lifetime Themes Club Membership:

  1. They already have over 38000+ Customers, which is a testament to their awesomeness.
  2. Their FT Options Framework is highly recognized in the WordPress Theme Development industry.
  3. They offer all their themes for as low as $67/year with full support and updates as well for an entire year. Presently they have over 32+ themes in their arsenal.
  4. Their support is available 24×7, so time zones don’t make any difference.
  5. All questions and issues can be immediately resolved (max 3-4 hours’ delay) using their ticketing system.
  6. Their Lifetime Membership comes at $167 for all present and future themes with premium technical support and unlimited website installs.


Click here to check out all the Frogs Themes.




Viva Themes Lifetime Package


 Viva Themes Lifetime Package

As of November 2016, Viva Themes offers 28 Update and Responsive themes in their WordPress Themes Lifetime License Membership arsenal. Their themes tend to cater towards clients with Business, Personal or Blog needs.

One thing that I would like to mention is that VivaThemes has limited functionality as compared to other Theme Providers, but for people who are looking for a more minimalistic approach to WordPress Design with fewer bells and whistles, VivaThemes are a good option to consider.

With the limited functionality, there themes are not highly priced as well. They offer a standard customer support. The FAQs section is open to public with most questions answered. Since the support is basic, you might take time to get your query answered. But when you do get a reply, expect an appropriate and exact response.

The Theme License comes with 100% GPL for XHTML, CSS, HTML5, PHP, DESIGN and all other elements you get with the theme. On a scale of 10, I would rate them a 5.5 based on their overall package, but since they price their lifetime package at just $99, for the value they have on offer – I feel it is a bargain, and I would thus give them a 7 out of 10 for sure.


Click here to check out all the VIVA themes.




RichWP Themes All Themes Package


RichWP Themes All Themes Package

This WordPress theme membership gives you ALL of their current themes, plus all future themes. Get themes suited for all types of sites, Instant Access to their themes straight after you purchase. Unlike other WordPress theme memberships, their Support is fast and one on one, We all know how bad some support services can be.

Click here to checkout all their premium themes.




Dessign 140+ Premium Themes Lifetime Membership


Dessign 140+ Premium Themes Lifetime Membership

As the name mentions, this WordPress Themes Lifetime Subscription from Dessign.net comes with 140+ themes and counting. And the best part is, that Dessign is famous for building modern, minimalistic and responsive themes for Creative Agencies and Freelancers.

One of the most important aspect of these themes is that they are minimalistic, which means they do not overshadow your work. They let your work do the talking.

Some of the notable mentions of Dessign Themes are:

  1. All the themes come with GPLv2 License.
  2. They offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the purchase.
  3. As a part of the package, they also install and setup the themes of your choice on your website, without any additional cost to you.
  4. Their massive collection of 140+ themes covers most of the important niches that you might ever need.
  5. Though the themes itself are minimalistic, they are compatible with most other third party plugins from WordPress.org, which gives you the ability to enhance your website, if you want something out of the box.
  6. The fact that they have over 100k Customers is a testament of their awesome support and themes.
  7. And, lastly, you get all their present and future themes for $99 Lifetime Membership. Yes, you get all their themes for even less than a dollar per piece and they will also Setup and Install them for you on demand.


Click here to check out all the 140+ Themes from Dessign Themes.




Northeme All Access Lifetime Theme Club



Northeme Theme Shop also offers a WP Themes Lifetime Membership with sleek and responsive themes.

All the basic features that come with their themes include:

  • Google Fonts Integration
  • Color Picker Palettes
  • Pre-set page templates for About, Blog, and Home
  • Layout Manager and Portfolio Post Type
  • The Northeme Framework
  • Font Icons integration with a massive collection of icons
  • Translation Ready Themes
  • All browser and device support.

These themes are a perfect match for creative agencies, freelancers, and graphic designers. Their preset layout pages allow you to kick-start your website with very less customization.

Other things worth mentioning include:

  1. All packages come with demo files for easy install and launch.
  2. Documentation and Tutorials are in-depth, so even a newbie can work with the themes.
  3. They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you see.
  4. They do not have a lifetime membership option as of yet, but their Theme Club Membership comes at a cost of $79 for all eight themes with one-year unlimited updates and support.
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The Verdict

The WordPress themes market has come a long way since the launch of the WordPress platform on May 27, 2003. With more than 100,000 new websites on the Internet every day, I do not see this coming to a halt anytime soon. This was one of the main motives for me to write this detailed post on best WP theme clubs memberships.

One of the primary reasons the WordPress platform outshines all the other blogging platforms is that even newbie webmasters are able to create unique websites with a combination of third party plugins and themes in WordPress. Since there are over thousands of themes and plugins to choose from in WordPress, the chance of another website looking the same as your website is non-existent.

I have been in the blogging industry for over a decade now, and I am the proud user of some of these best WP theme memberships. There have been over a dozen or so memberships that I scratched from the list, because they were not a worthy mention here. However, if you think that I missed out something important, don’t hesitate to give me a nudge in the comments section below. I will review and add it to the list if it’s a reputable option.


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Good day, and keep building!