Inky Deals Review – Website Design Deals And Bundles

Inky Deals Review – Website Design Deals And Bundles is an online store selling design products for web professionals.

It carries BIG discounts on graphics, themes, courses, add ons for Photoshop and other programs, backgrounds, vectors, fonts, logo basics, stock images, and software. The products are often sold in bundles. Deals change frequently and are time limited. As a VERY regular customer, I decided to do an Inky Deals Review so everyone can see why they are totally AWESOME!

[section label=”Level of expertise needed” anchor=”Level of expertise needed”]

Level of expertise needed

Beginner, intermediates and advanced designers and internet marketers will find Inky’s products useful.

One-time or subscriptions price

[section label=”One-time or subscriptions price” anchor=”One-time or subscriptions price”]

One time.

Major features

[section label=”Major features” anchor=”Major features”]

• Savings of more than 90% on many items

• Deals last for a limited time

• Deals change frequently

• 60-day money back guarantee

• Known for excellent customer service

• Range of premium products for creatives and internet marketers

• Coupons available for sites they are connected with

• Freebies available from affiliated sites

• Occasional contests, with major products for prizes

My experience

[section label=”My experience” anchor=”My experience”]

I’ve mentioned I’m a real shopper, just like every other internet marketer, and consider myself an expert on spotting good deals. I love InkyDeals discounts because they offer GREAT deals, especially their discounted bundles.

I use these products on my own site. I also generate a steady stream of income by using them in my own creations that I sell to other marketers and website owners.

I just bought one of the graphics bundles. These combo packs are just amazing. It’s worth a trip over there just to look at how much is packaged in some of these web design deals. The prices are like 80% or 90% off, or even more.

Just recently, I put the Logozilla bundle I bought there to good use. It saved me just a ton of time. My clients raved about the designs I created with it. Then I made a few company logos. It took me about 15 minutes for each logo and I sold them for $20 each. That’s about $100 profit with just two to three hours worth of work.

The featured bundles are always on the front page, but go to the tab marked Active Deals. This shows everything available. You’ll often find courses. Right now there’s a terrific, comprehensive WordPress course for just $37, regularly $199. If you’re just learning or need a refresher, you just can’t beat that kind of a price. There’s one on mobile programming languages for 92% off.

But they specialize in website design deals on vectors, images of all types, fonts, stuff like that. The people who run it are designers themselves, after all. And from Romania, of all places. They are connected with, one of the high-end design studios online, and the Brainik Network. The site has been around since October 2011 and has a solid track record for great prices and solid customer service.

I really recommend this place if you need any type of patterns, layer styles, mockups, business card designs, fonts and WP themes. Use them like I do, to use on your own sites and to offer services to other marketers.

Periodically they have contests and the prizes are awesome. The bundles they give away will keep you busy for months. Check the blog, which is updated irregularly but mentions the contests.

Be sure to look at two other tabs on the website, one for Inky Deals Freebies, the other for Coupons. These are for sites they are affiliated with or otherwise connected to. They offer some serious discounts if you need products and services like themes, plugins and software.

Another cool thing about Inky Deals is that after you complete a purchase, you can access your previously purchased bundles and products at anytime, so if you by some chance lose your files, you can simply download them again!

 my inky deals downloads

The 60-day money back guarantee is terrific. This is really generous for a discount graphics store. People rave about the customer service. When you buy here, you’re covered.


[section label=”Positives” anchor=”Positives”]

• Products discounted 80%, 90% and more, with prices good for a set period of time

• New deals come in regularly

• Great selection of graphics, fonts, vectors, layers, themes and more

• Courses for programming, WordPress, software and other subjects

• Money back guarantee, good for 60 days

• Great customer service

• Coupons and freebies for affiliated sites.


[section label=”Negatives” anchor=”Negatives”]

• This isn’t much of a negative, but the blog isn’t updated very often.

[section label=”Bottom line” anchor=”Bottom line”]

Bottom line

I recommend InkyDeals for two reasons:

• I save money on the products I buy.

• I make money using their great deals by creating graphics like logos to sell to other marketers and website owners.

You just can’t argue with the discounts at Inky Deals. I checked last week and wrote down the percentage off for the first five products I saw: 65%, 86%, 90%, 96%, 99%. I mean, 99% off?! That was a huge design bundle, with $4505 worth of resources, selling for just $39.

If you use graphics, you’ve got to take a look at this place. And you are safe buying from them. They have wonderful customer service and that incredible 60-day money back guarantee.

[section label=”Inky Deals Coupon Discount Code” anchor=”Inky Deals Coupon Discount Code”]

Inky Deals Coupon Discount Code

Use my Inky Deals coupon code to save even more.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Savings of more than 90% on top quality PREMIUM graphics, themes, courses, add ons for Photoshop, backgrounds, vectors, fonts, logo basics, stock images and software!! Visit their site, you WILL NOT be sorry[/alert]

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