6 Best PLR Membership Websites

6 Best PLR Membership Websites

The Most Popular and Trusted PLR and Resell Rights Membership Sites

When it comes to opting for the right PLR Membership site for whatever reasons you may require, selecting the right website can be daunting, especially since you have hundreds of options to choose from.

But, from all these countless Private label rights membership sites, not all of them invest the time and resources into bringing fresh PLR content for their members. When I found myself in a fix about what is the best PLR membership site, I decided to pay a visit to the top master resell rights membership sites according to Google, forum recommendations and other website reviews and lists, and narrowed my list down to a handful of six PLR websites, which I will be reviewing in this post.

NOTE: This list is regularly updated and ONLY long lasting trusted sites get a spot on this list to ensure our readers have a list of only the top most reliable PLR memberships that supply fresh PLR and resale rights niche content on a weekly basis.
Last Update: 08 October 2020

Last Edit Results: Rankings were adjusted based on how often the sites are updated, if they offer training or not and over all experience on their sites.

Best PLR Membership Sites Of 2020 (Ranking from 1-6):

  1. IDPLR

  2. ResellRightsWeekly

  3. PLR Database

  4. PLRAssassin

  5. BestDealPLR.com

  6. Internet Marketing Zoom

I spent time scouring through a number of websites, most of which I found to be inactive, dead, undergoing construction or having extremely thin content that did not meet my requirements. However, the above 6 master resale rights membership sites made it to the top of the list and as I have noticed, have exceptionally good quality content and are updated more often. And FYI, I am a member of these 6 sites, which supplies me with more than enough PLR.

I just wanted to make it clear that I’m not just promoting sites I have not used or have no clue what they offer. The sites I am recommending to you are the best there are, period and I use them personally in my online business to earn more affiliate commissions, make extra sales, build my list and more.


If asked to give an elevator pitch for IDPLR, I would call it a source of over 8,000 plus PLR products including software, eBooks, videos, courses, audio bundles, templates and more. The fact that this membership website has more than 40,000 members is a testament of its effectiveness.

Unique Selling Points of IDPLR:

  • Free and Paid Plan enables you to try out the membership website before you commit your wallet to it.
  • Free Membership comes with a 500 product download limit that can only be used for eBooks and software.
  • Gold Members get access to all products along with freebies and 5GB Hosting Space. Gold Membership can be taken for 3 Months, Half Yearly, Yearly or Lifetime.
  • One of the largest collections of High Quality eBooks constantly updated.
  • More than 1000 PLR and RR Videos
  • Bucket loads of Graphics Bundles for Marketing and Website Development
  • More than 100 Audio Bundles that include training sessions, music and more
  • More than 100 Turnkey Business Models that can be used instantly
  • New Products added on a regular basis
  • All products have a live preview option, which allows you to preview before downloading.
  • Training area for New Marketers that teaches them how to use PLR and RR Products

Benefits of IDPLR:

  • Free to Try is one of the best features of IDPLR
  • Even the Gold Membership plan is reasonably priced. The one time life time membership payment is worth the spend
  • New products are constantly added to the site
  • Resell Rights Products allow you to sell the products as it is and make money

Should You Sign up For IDPLR?

Yes, you should sign up for IDPLR, as the benefits of the platform far outweigh its cons, if any. Getting a life time membership will allow you to keep getting new products for life, which you can use in any way you deem fit. The products that they provide, namely themes, templates, videos, audios, eBooks, software and more, can easily be sold to make money. Apart from the PLR Articles, everything else on the website is going to add more value to your prospects. You can read my full IDPLR Review for more info.

2. Resell Rights Weekly (RRW)

Resell Rights Weekly is yet another Private Label Rights membership site where you can download lots of free online resources that can be used as is or sold, to retain 100% of the profits. The website has everything an Internet Marketer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer or Entrepreneur would need to create a stable income on the Internet. There are so many tools and business plans in the website that I think it gets hard to keep your head straight after spending a few minutes on the website. RRW is definitely the most popular resell rights membership site on the market and trusted by thousands of marketers around the world.

Unique Selling Points of Resell-Rights-Weekly:

  • Two brand new Resell Rights Products every week
  • Access to over 728 plus ready to sell products along with all marketing materials
  • Instant Access to RRW’s toolbox with over 330 plus Internet Marketing Tools
  • Install Access to Paid Members Forum Where you can discuss with other members
  • Best in the Class Support Personally Answered by Mark Austin (Creator) himself

Benefits of Resell-Rights-Weekly:

  • Free membership plan has a lot of value added products
  • Designed to take the most newbie Internet Marketers and turn them into self-dependent online entrepreneurs
  • The Gold Members Forum makes up for the money spent on the monthly membership plan
  • The products added in the membership area are new and not outdated junk
  • Most products come with professionally written sales letters, design templates, professional graphics and more…

Should You Sign up for Resell Rights Weekly?

Yes! You should sign up for Resell Rights Weekly if you are starting out online as a blogger, internet marketer or affiliate marketer. There are tons of products in this resale rights membership site that you can offer on your website as giveaways to build list of loyal subscribers or sell to retain 100% of the profits. You can read my full Resell Rights Review for more info.

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3. PLR Database

With the PLR Database, you’ll find a powerful platform that holds the largest collection of money-making resources and products, all in one location. There’s such a high demand for these products that they’re selling like crazy, but we all know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to create a product—without even knowing if it will sell. If you want your own products to sell, and you want to keep ALL the profits, you have to join the PLR Database. Below are several great reasons to join:

  • It’s one of the largest single databases of resellable digital material
  • Exclusive products are added each month, and all are produced here
  • Full-service customer support

How to Use the Content on the PLR Database

  • Resell items and products with the right licenses, and retain all the profits.
  • Use them for personal websites, to gain access to an unlimited supply of beneficial resources.
  • Start your own membership site and charge a monthly fee.
  • Use the PLR content as a bonus with purchase, or as a giveaway to subscribers.
  • Create an e-course
  • Add your own name and claim authorship after making minor edits.

Now, it’s possible to do all of this without worrying about how to get it done. At the PLR Database, you’ll find the largest single collection of resellable products anywhere online, and all are licensed and 100% legit. Click today to get started!

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4. PLR Assassin

PLR Assassin makes it to the top of the list due to its unmatched quality of fresh and current content. What makes PLR Assassin stand out from the other PLR membership sites is its guarantee that all articles in the VIP zone are available for only a limited number of downloads. Once the articles reach a specified download limit, they are taken down and new and fresh articles are uploaded in their place. The rates for these articles are very reasonable as well.

Unique Selling Points of PLR Assassin:

  • Lifetime free area (non-paid) just for signing up
  • A Gold Membership Plan and A VIP Membership Plan
  • Their PLR Products are not old and beaten
  • Free Membership plan gives you access to hundreds of free articles and PLR Products added monthly (for life)
  • VIP Membership is limited to a few number of spots that are replenished each year
  • Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights Products are added Daily to Gold Membership Area
  • The best Video Gallery from all the websites, gives access to videos for both personal and commercial use.
  • Exclusive forum only for paid members to discuss new strategies for using PLR Products

Benefits of PLR Assassin:

  • PLR Products available for a Limited number of Downloads
  • Gold Membership and VIP Membership Plans have endless benefits
  • The Members Forum alone is enough benefit to cover up for your Monthly Rental Plans
  • Best collection of PLR Video resources from all the websites in this list

Should You Sign up for PLR Assassin?

People who are into affiliate marketing will find PLR Assassin the most beneficial. However, even if you are just setting foot in this industry or have an established business, you will find PLR Assassin very helpful.

5. BestDealPLR.com No1 PLR Membership Website


There’s never been a better time to get into the business of selling master resell rights products, thanks to BestDealPLR.com, the #1 PLR membership website. Why do I say this? Because right now, BestDealPLR is offering a trial membership where you can get started for just $1. Simply sign up for the $1 trial, and within minutes, you’ll have access to 5000+ super high-quality PLR products.

Sell them to your customers, turn videos into PowerPoint presentations, convert articles into eBooks or e-courses, or give content away as a great with-purchase bonus. With content from BestDealPLR, you can attract new customers while keeping your current subscribers coming back for more—and it’s easy, because there are new products being added all the time.

Below is a brief list of some of the latest additions to this fantastic resale rights products membership site:

  • Internet Marketing Mastery 2.0 eBook
  • Master Shorty software
  • PLR Profit Jacker video
  • Monthly PLR article packs
  • A bodybuilding eBook

….and many, many more. Regardless of which niche (or niches) you’re into, the BestDealPLR site makes it easy to find content that your customers will want to buy—and you’ll want to include in your own marketing efforts. With PLR content, there’s more than one way to make money, and this site makes it easy!

6. Internet Marketing Zoom PLR Products Membership

If you’re looking for a nearly effortless way to get into the PLR game, look no further than this master resell rights membership site. Here, you’ll find eBooks, videos, graphics, templates, software, e-courses, newsletter sets and much more. You can download PLR products an unlimited number of times, sell them, use the content to populate your blog or niche site, and keep all the profits. Best of all, every product on the site comes with private label rights, master resale rights and resell rights. With the Internet Marketing Zoom PLR Products Membership, you’re in control!

You can find great content on this resale rights products membership site, in the following niches (plus many more):

  • Gaining muscle
  • Losing weight
  • Child safety
  • Internet marketing mastery
  • Content marketing
  • Amazon marketing
  • Informational product marketing

This is just a partial list of what you’ll find on this resell rights site. The membership is a great bargain; a lifetime VIP membership is on sale right now for just $68.50. While that may be a strain if you’re just starting out, the sheer amount of great content that’s on the site makes it a worthwhile investment. Plus, there’s new content being added almost every day, which means this membership will keep providing you with value long after you sign up. When you buy a Internet Marketing Zoom PLR Products Membership, you can quickly fill your site with relevant, readable and engaging content, sell it to your subscribers, create your own teleseminar or break content into smaller pieces to give away as a bonus with purchase. The choice is yours! Before I leave you today, if you have not yet checked out my PLR store where I release exclusive PLR products, many of which you can only find in my store, be sure to come visit, hop around my PLR training blog, learn and come say hi! I’m always happy to help and guide my tribe.


Final Verdict

So if you are planning to step into the world of Private Label Rights and Resell Rights, then this list is THE place to start. Each of these best PLR membership sites are worth a visit. Once you are through the $1 or free membership of all the websites, you can settle down for the ones that match your requirements. Searching on Google for terms like “Private Label Rights” “Quality PLR Products” “PLR Sites” “Best Resell Rights Websites” etc. will give you hundreds or even thousands of results, leaving you scouring through a pile of garbage, only to reach a handful of usable websites. Well, today is your lucky day, because, I made that job a hell lot easier for you.

Good luck and good day!