The Best Sources for High-Quality Free PLR Content

The Best Sources for High-Quality Free PLR Content

Chances are, you’re looking for some free PLR downloads. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been attracted to the title of this article. Like you, from time to time I like to surf the web in search of free PLR products. I do this for 3 different but very important reasons.

1 – I Like to Take a Test-Drive before I Buy a Car

Trying out some free PLR content is just like test driving a car. You don’t have to put down any money to check out the performance of the product. Sometimes I’m just looking for some content that I can get my hands on and use quickly.

That’s one of the big benefits of PLR content. Speed. 

You can quickly turn it into so many different types of products. You don’t have to pay a writer what can sometimes be quite a lot of money and then sit around waiting for the content to show up.

That’s just one of the many benefits of using content with private label rights (PLR). If I download free PLR content and it looks really good, then I know I can safely invest some of my hard-earned money in the paid content that PLR producer is offering.

2 – A Company Offering PLR for Free Is a Serious Business

I want to know a company is going to be around for the long term. If I get my hands on some quality PLR that a site owner is willing to give away so I can check out his product, I know that person is a professional. This is someone who is serious about their business. Before I break out my wallet and spend money on content of any kind, I need to know I’m dealing with a pro.

The people that give away the highest-quality free PLR packs have shown they are willing to invest in their business. They had to pay good money to have that content created by a quality writer or writers. When I find top quality content offered as a free incentive to check out a site, I know my experience with that individual or company is going to be a good one.

3 – Free Saves Money

Hey, we’ve all been there. I know I have. How about you? You are a blogger or Internet marketer, affiliate marketer or some other kind of online entrepreneur. Need some content that’s high-quality, so you take a look at your budget.

You open your wallet to find nothing but a lot of empty space! In this case, reputable companies handing out free PLR products can be lifesavers (not to mention budget friendly). Free is always good, as long as the content is of superior quality.

That last point is worth repeating. 

No free PLR offers are worth your time or the money you save if the articles or e-books or reports are low-quality.

That’s why I put together this short article. Having been in PLR and Internet marketing businesses for years, I have kissed a lot of frogs looking for quality content. Whenever I discovered the best free PLR content (those frogs that turn into real Princes like in fairytales), I took notice.

What you have in your hands is the result of my considerable web searches for free PLR articles, e-books, packages and other content. Turn to the following websites for what I believe to be the highest-quality free PLR content on the Internet.

Last Update: 05 April 2023

Tools for Motivation – Premium Free Self-Help Coaching PLR Content 

Tools for Motivation – Premium Free Self Help Coaching PLR Content

The first thing you see when you Click This Link is “Free PLR” near the top of your display. Depending on whether you access the site from a phone, tablet or PC, you may see a different home screen.

No matter what device you use, you can scroll down below the “Free PLR” heading to get exactly that. There are quality pieces of content that go beyond the typical free article you get on most sites. For instance, Tools for Motivation offers PLR audio narrations, quote posters, articles and other types of free content.

This goes above and beyond what you experience when you deal with most PLR site operators. That’s because Justin Popovic and Ted Payne (the owners and operators of have been serious Internet marketers for some time. They know that if they offer you really good content for free, they’ll grab your attention.

Actually, the mission statement of the site is to offer you “… high-quality personal development content that you can sell, use for lead generation and or use as marketing collateral to grow your brand.” Click the link I provided above and grab your free PLR content today. (This is a great destination for self-help and self-improvement coaching content.)

Free PLR Journal Pages, Journal Prompts and Page Templates by The Happy Journals

Free PLR Journal Pages Journal Prompts and Page Templates by The Happy Journalss

You can tell by that title that this free PLR content is all journal related. Journals are huge and have been gaining in popularity massively the last few years.

The great thing about journals is that they can be applied to any business. It doesn’t matter what niche or market you’re in, people like recording their thoughts. Journaling has been proven scientifically to improve performance and results and help people reach their goals quickly. That means the free high-quality PLR content you download by Clicking This Link can really help the people in your target audience.

For an example of how much you get for free here, The Happy Journals offers Free PLR Starter Packs with 5 journal pages, 5 social media images and 5 journal prompts, all for free.

Free PLR Content by Health and Wellness PLR

Free PLR Content by Health and Wellness PLR

I bet you already figured out what this website specializes in? That’s right, go here to get high-quality health and wellness PLR content. If you’re looking for great PLR content for free that relates to a multitude of health and wellness niches, just Click This Link.

You’ll be taken to a free PLR download page. Check out the free content or scroll down further and sign up for a 15% off discount on anything you buy.

Piggy Makes Bank Free PLR Packages and PLR Challenges

Piggy Makes Bank Free PLR Packages and PLR Challenges

It might not be the same anymore, but when I was little, kids had piggy banks. Most of my friends did. I don’t know the origins of why a ceramic pig was used as the basis of a savings receptacle for children, but it was.

Children were given a ceramic or plastic pig-shaped bank where they could drop their coins. There was usually a coin slot in the top. You could also put folding money in there, though as a kid, I was lucky to see much of that! Piggy Makes Bank uses that piggy bank concept in a really neat and original PLR site name.

The owners of the site promise “Unique, High Quality Done-for-You Articles, E-Books, Workbooks, Emails and Social Media Posts”. I would recommend checking them out by performing a free PLR articles download. Their free content is of really good quality.

If you like what you see, and I know you will, I recommend the affordable memberships. They provide you with regularly delivered content, or you can purchase individual pieces of PLR as you need them.

Click This Link and you’ll be taken to a page that says “Category Archives for Free PLR”. The site includes the regular PLR offerings, as well as challenges and full PLR packages.

Free Done-for-You Content with Private Label Rights by Publish for Prosperity

Free Done for You Content with Private Label Rights by Publish for Prosperity

Alice Seba is a respected and well-known Internet marketer and PLR website operator. She likes to call the content on this site “ready to publish”, and it really is.

What I mean to say is that you won’t spend a lot of time and effort “cleaning up” the articles, e-books and other content you can get for free. You’ll find free worksheets, 5-packs of articles, infographics, quote graphics and more.

If you want to go straight to the high-quality free stuff (and I know you do) just Click Here. When you click that link, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see “Try a Sample of Our Done for You Content That You Can Edit, Brand, Monetize and Publish”.

Just scroll down and download all the quality content you can use. Believe me when I say that there is a ton of free PLR offered at the link I provided.

Quality Free PLR Packs by Master PLR

Quality Free PLR Packs by Master PLR

When you Click Here, you’re taken to a web page where you will see the following heading.

Free PLR Packages

Below that header you get this welcome message from Master PLR.

“These white label or private label rights packages have been created for you to use in your own health or self-help business. You can edit or brand as your own. Our license details are below, or you can ask us if you’re not sure! We provide high quality done for you content. You will be able to see the quality we provided these free packages below!

You can have one or all of them, the choice is yours! “

Recently I checked the site out and here are a couple of the free offerings I found.

  • Free Self-Help PLR Pack – 10 articles and 10 social posters
  • Free Health PLR pack – 10 articles and 10 social posters

Master PLR is one of the best free PLR sites. Obviously, all the content there is not free, but you know what I mean. If you want to get your hands on some high-quality content without spending a penny, this site comes highly recommended. Click the link I provided above and grab your free, top-quality content to give the site a test-drive.

Free PLR Products from Buy Quality PLR

Free PLR Products from Buy Quality PLR

If you access This Link from a mobile device, you might see a drop-down menu at the top of your display. On bigger screens and displays you’ll see a header that says “Free PLR”. If you have to access the menu, simply hit the drop-down arrow and select “Free PLR” from the list.

All of the high-quality PLR you get here can be used to market your business in a number of ways. The content can be downloaded immediately, rebranded and resold so you can put some money in your pocket.

There’s no catch. This is absolutely free content. You get the latest PLR videos and articles, e-books and reports. There are SEO packages with keywords to help you dominate your niche. A recent visit to the free PLR section revealed the following packages.

  • 17 Fitness and Weight Loss PLR Articles Pack Freebie
  • 5 Free Inspirational PLR Graphics
  • Dealing with Tinnitus Free Unrestricted PLR Report
  • Top 10 Foods That Make You Feel Full Longer Free PLR Report
  • 10 Quality Health and Beauty Free PLR Articles

You’ll find a lot more free, high-quality content here that on most PLR sites. It’s obvious that a lot of time (and money) went into the creation of this free PLR section. Click This Link and you’ll be taken directly to free content with full PLR licensing that you can download immediately.

Free Brandable PLR Coaching Content at PLR.ME

Free Brandable PLR Coaching Content at PLR.ME

If you want to “never write from scratch again”, this is the website for you. That’s the promise that site founder Ronnie Nijmeh makes on this PLR site that has been around since 2008.

The focus here is coaching content. If you’re a life coach, a trainer, a business coach, blogging instructor or you teach in any capacity, you can get PLR for free here that’s perfect for your business. You get ready-to-sell private label coaching courses and articles, content and worksheets.

I should mention that this is predominately for health and wellness professionals. Click This Link and use promo code MOZIE10 to get 10 free credits today. You can use them across the site to download the content that is most applicable to your business.

Free PLR Printables and Low Content PLR at

Free PLR Printables and Low Content PLR

Low content publishing is extremely hot and in-demand right now and it’s continuing to grow rapidly. The low content market is very profitable and many marketers and online business owners are flocking towards starting their own printable-selling business.

That’s what this site is all about, which is finding the best free PLR printable product creators and suppliers so you can quickly start publishing your own line of low content printables like journals, planners, coloring books, calendars and much more.

The website is fairly new, but is not lacking in the free low content PLR department and has some really high quality PLR printables that you can download for free, put your name and branding on and start publishing for profits.

And that’s it for now…

This post will be updated regularly with newer sources for high quality PLR for free. If you’re a PLR creator and want to be featured in this article, reach out to me and let’s work together. If you’re a free PLR lover, I’d love to hear what you thought about this list of free PLR download sites. Be sure to also check out our list of the best PLR membership websites where you can join for a fee and get access to 100’s of PLR products and content packages in a wide variety of niches.