Backlink Watch Review – Check Backlinks For Free

Backlink Watch Review – Check Backlinks For Free

Backlink Watch ReviewBacklink Watch is a awesome free backlinks checker tool which is online based at Simply insert a URL and instantly see the backlinks, PR, Anchor Text, No. of OBLs and DoFollow or NoFollow tags.


What is it?

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Backlink Watch is a online resource that lets you check backlinks for free. It will give you detailed information about any URL you type into its search box. It provides data about the quality and the quantity of backlinks you or your competitors have.

What’s awesome about it?

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  • It’s free!
  • No learning curve
  • Shows anchor text
  • Provides page rank
  • Tells you the total outbound links on a page
  • Has available a nofollow flag for each inbound link


Who is it perfect for?

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If you want a quick and dirty analysis of a URL, this free backlinks checker is the place to come. It’s free and the information is basic but comprehensive. Because it is so simple to use, it is perfect for the beginner. It is a fast way for any marketer, beginner to advanced, to analyze the links on a URL. You do need to have an idea what backlinks are and how they fit into an overall ranking strategy in order to use the information effectively.


[section label=”Screenshots”]

Here is how the homepage of looks, you can simply insert the page of which you would like to see the backlinks of and you will be able to check backlinks for free, it’s very useful and convenient when needing to quickly check backlinks of a competitor.

Backlink Watch Review - check backlinks for free


After you do a free backlinks check, you can then see the data of the pages backlinks which looks like this: Review - free backlinks checker

[section label=”Bottom Line”]

Bottom Line

This free backlinks checking tool is an excellent option if you are in a hurry or if you don’t want to spend money. It provides all the basic information you need about backlinks on your page or your competitors.

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