eCover Authority 3D eCover Design Software Lifetime Access Review

Product Name:  eCover Authority 3D eCover Design Software

Author:  Chad Eljisr

My Honest eCover Authority 3D eCover Design Software Review and You Get To Choose Your Bonuses.

eCover Authority 3D eCover Design Software Lifetime Access Review

What is eCover Authority 3D eCover Design Software?

eCoverAuthority is a web based software that lets you easily create stunning eCover Graphics WITHOUT Photoshop. Actually it is more than that, with extra features as the “Packager” that lets you create a group of 3D eCovers that is perfect for more complex “Pack Shots” including eBooks, Reports, Video, Software and more.

PLUS…eCoverAuthority also features a Banner Creator that lets you easily create all kind of social media eCovers as well headers, banners and viral quotes graphics.

Authority 3D eCover Design Software Review 1
Authority 3D eCover Design Software Review 2
Authority 3D eCover Design Software Review 3

Look what cool eCovers you can create with eCoverAuthority!

Authority 3D eCover Design Software Review 4
Authority 3D eCover Design Software Review 5


Creating a PRE-SELL page will increase your affiliate profits. This has been proven time and time again – even when you have a small list. Feel free to use the bonuses here below in your pre-sell page or when you list your bonuses in your email promos.

Of course, you will be adding still more value if you add your own bonuses too – and still better if you create a short video about eCoverAuthority 😉

Attention: All the BONUSES listed below will be delivered inside eCoverAuthority membership page.

I’ll also add here below my own eCoverAuthority video walk-through that you can use


20 Professional & High Converting eBook Cover Templates That You Can Use With eCoverAuthority. Now You Can Easily Create Your Own Pro Looking Book Covers Without Hiring Expensive Graphic Designers

eBook Cover Templates 1
eBook Cover Templates 2
eBook Cover Templates 3
eBook Cover Templates 4


3 Video PLR Products from my StrategicPLR Vault
Now you can sell the Video PLR Tutorials as your own and use eCoverAuthority to RE-BRAND the videos and make them your own

Podcast Startup Blueprint (with PLR) 


Discover How to Create Successful and Engaging Podcasts That Instantly Will Brand You As The Expert and Drive Loads of Traffic Back To Your Products and Services… Starting Today!

This training course was created so you could quickly and easily implement this blueprint right away.

In fact, most of this video course is screen-captured video, meaning you’ll see everything on my screen as you are walked through the whole process.

Solo Ads Formula (with PLR)


This 9 part, step by step video training shows you how to build a profitable high converting List from Solo Ads… The right way.

The big myth that people want you to believe is that you need a larger list – following the concept of quantity over quality. But I want you to think the opposite here…

… In this video training you will get to watch over my shoulder how to create a proper plan of action to build your list with solo ads, build a relationship with your list, and convert your lists.

Webinar Conversions (with PLR)


In this video series you will learn how to set up a webinar from start to finish using a step-by-step blueprint.

You will also learn how to you create high converting webinars that have high engagement that will yield higher sales conversions

The ultimate goal is to convince your customers to engage and interact with you, which means higher sales conversions.


14 High Quality PPT Video Templates with Developer Rights

14 PPT Templates

What eCover Authority 3D eCover Design Software Lifetime Access Review Bonuses Can I choose From?



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